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Brewpubs – Specialties’ And Features To Look Upto

The experience of visiting an authentic Brewbar and relishing the rich flavors of brewed beers is not something that you’ll easily forget. And since so soothing, why not experience it the right way? In fact, whether or not you’ve been to one before, you must know that not all Brewpubs are equally good. So, your experience will always depend upon what kind of brewbar you visit. One of the best options in Montreal is the Brutopia brewpub. Wondering what makes it so different from the others? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. Read through to learn the features that make brewpubs worth your money and time.

How To Choose A Brewpub?

A brewpub is vastly different than standard pubs and bars in a lot of unimaginable ways. And if you’re a beer lover, then visiting a brewpub is something you must look forward to. The different ways in which you can locate the best ones are given below.

  1. Brewed Beer Quality

When planning to visit a brewpub in Montreal, settle for nothing less reputable than the Brutopia pub. Some amazing beer flavors that this bar offers are given below.

  • A P A
  • Raspberry Blond Ale
  • Bonjour High
  • Scotch Ale
  • New England Style IPA
  • Brutopia ‘IRISH’ Stout
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • E S B – extra special bitter
  • Bon Bluets
  • Extra Blond-Ale
  • India Pale Ale

Whilst these are a few natural traditional ales, elite brewbars also serve the following seasonal beers.

  • England Style IPA
  • Maple Vanilla Stout
  • Cascadian Dark Ale
  • Extra Special Bitter
  • Bonjour High Hemp Ale
  • Citrus Cream Pale Rider
  • Wheat Oastie Cream Lager
  • Dark Pils Wee Heavy
  • Brutopia Irish Stout
  • Crisp Rye.P.A.
  • Grizzly Stinger
  • Smooth Flagstone
  • Speculas
  • American Wheat Steam Beer
  • Spice Beer
  • Rye Beer
  • Winter Ale Ginger Wheat
  • Oatmeal Stout Ginger Cream
  • Vanilla Cream Dark Cherry
  • Golden Wheat Dark Wheat
  • Mild Nigerian
  • Frisky Business Horny Toad
  • Bitter Blonde Dark IPA
  1. Entertainment and Musical Nights

Good brewpubs host multiple night specials for entertainment. The best means include live band performances, open mics, and games.

Also, you can relish the flavors of scrumptious meals including the ones given below.

  • Samosas
  • Poutine
  • Tacos
  • Nachos
  • Chicken wings
  • Cheeseburger
  1. Location and Accommodation

Ideally, a brewpub should have at least one heated floor to accommodate guests during the winter season. Besides, hospitable brewpubs have enough space – they are multi-story buildings – to host a large crowd.

Lastly, the best ones are located in prime areas so that customers can find them easily.

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