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How to Drink Responsibly at A Party and Still Have Fun

We are all aware of the dangers that are involved in the excessive intake of alcohol. Having too many drinks at a party can lead to a hangover. Knowing the dangers that come with a hangover should be enough reason to stay far away from more than one drink at a party.

A lot of self-control is needed when attempting to drink responsibly at a party. But unluckily, as soon as we take one drink, we seem to want more. However, here are few ways to drink responsibly at a party and still have a lot of fun.

#1: Avoid Caffeine

If you plan on keeping a leveled head at that party, then try as much as you can to avoid mixing caffeine with alcohol. Though you may be tired or sleepy, having an energy drink or coffee is not a very reasonable thing to do. Combining alcohol and caffeine will affect you in a very bad way. Stay away from caffeine to enjoy that party in a responsible way.

#2: Ask What You Are Drinking

If you are given a drink but don’t know its contents, quickly ask questions. You don’t want to drink too much of that sweet, delicious cocktail only to find out it contained a lot of alcohol. There are many drinks that are produced with sweet flavors but contain a lot of alcohol in them. Always ensure to ask questions on what you are drinking. Most importantly, ask about the alcohol level of any drink you take.

#3: Eat Something

Before going out to that party with friends, ensure that you eat something reasonable. It is of great importance as you aren’t sure whether there will be food at the party or not. Having a little protein or carbohydrate in your body system will help to absorb most of the alcohol and will also slow down it affects.

#4: Don’t Mix Alcohol and Sugar

Mixing alcohol and sugar is a very lethal combination. Try to stay away from sweet alcoholic drinks, as the sugar in these drinks will quickly go to your head just like the alcohol. You will be left intoxicated and lose energy in all parts of your body. Taking sugar and alcohol will make the next day unbearable for you. Therefore, if you plan on drinking responsibly at a party and still have fun, avoid taking sugar and alcohol.

Drinking responsibly at a party doesn’t mean having less fun. The above tips from one of the leading bars in Montreal — Mad Hatter Pub will help a lot in keeping you sharp at a party.

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